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Check out our award-winning programming! Our shows can be seen on Fox Sports Detroit, Comcast and this fall on Fox Sports Midwest! Our messaging reaches 3.6 million households in Michigan and soon will reach more than 6.0 million across the Midwest. 

State Champs! Michigan
High SchoolSports Show

Our premier, Emmy Award Winning High School Sports Show! provides a weekly comprehensive look at High School Sports, including award winning videography, not to be missed game highlights, Tournaments and events, recruiting and coaching news, sports media analysis, and accomplishments across High School athletics.


We also bring you award winning feature stories that take you behind the scenes to learn more about standout student athletes, programs, and coaches, as well as in-depth media analysis on the latest coaching, recruiting, MHSAA, and
NCAA news.


You can catch the High School Sports Show on Fox Sports Detroit, airing across the state of Michigan.

State Champs! Indiana
High SchoolSports Show

In coordination with the Indiana High School Athletic Association, the STATE CHAMPS! Indiana High School Sports Show airs every Sundayat 10am EDT & 9am CDT on Fox Sports Indiana & Midwest. The show provides a weekly comprehensive look at athletic events, lives, and accomplishments of Indiana's high school athletes and coaches.

LTU Sports Report

Lawrence Technological University has been one of the fastest growing intercollegiate athletic programs in the state of Michigan. After a 72-season hiatus, football is back in Southfield! The LTU Sports Report goes in depth with student profiles, highlights and more of the Blue Devils' 23 sports. 

The show is slated to air on Fox Sports Detroit on Mondays at 4:30 p.m., right before the University of Michigan and Michigan State University's football shows. 

State Champs! RoboZone

RoboZone, a television series about the competitive intersection of high school sports and technological innovation through robotics – This is the first TV series of its kind in the U. S.. The Second season of Robozone will now expand to 10 episodes. Covering the entire first in Michigan FRC season.

Pure Brews America

The craft brew revolution is in full swing and Pure Brews America takes you backstage into the exciting and ever-changing world of craft breweries. We will showcase everything the craft beer scene entitles: brewing, breweries, brewpubs, as well as the food and restaurants that go hand in hand with craft beer. We will also feature the people and minds behind these companies and how they are turning their passion for beer into a new career. 

Authentic Michigan

Michigan boasts some of the most iconic landmarks and is home to some of the seriously awesome products. Come behind the scenes with scenes with Authentic Michigan to see learn and explore everything Michigan has to offer! 


Authentic Michigan is about the history, the innovation, and the characters that call Michigan home. From the streets of Detroit's Industrial District to the Shores of Lake Superior, Authentic Michigan takes you on a statewide tour of 
Michigan’s best! 

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